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What do we do?

Would you like your new online business to be built and started within only 3 weeks?

Now it's possible. Using our experience, extreme productivity, the Ruby on Rails framework, and strict but innovative internal processes we are able deliver at warp speed.

  1. Save your money. You do not want to keep building it forever, and keep getting billed for it until you exhaust all of your cash. You want it done as quickly as possible.
  2. Help your business succeed. You want to start validating your idea and gathering new clients and customers as soon as possible. The less time it takes to turn an idea into reality the sooner you can get your first users. Present your first version to the market, then iterate or pivot if needed.
  3. Protect your investment. Not only do we build it quickly, but we assure it is a top quality product. We implement all the best practices: it is fully tested and covered with automated tests. We use standard Rails only. Rest assured you will have no issues down the road, maintaining, updating and keeping it running. Rails is so simple, we encourage our clients to learn it themselves, so they can do simple work and fixes on their own.

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Meet the team



Dusan started programming when he was 12. Technically he's now got 20+ years of experience. He started working with Rails when Rails was at version 1.2. Dusan thinks it would take him another 5 years to learn all things Ruby related. Some time ago he founded RubySoft together with some awesome guys.



Zarko is a veteran C++ programmer, working in the field of bio-informatics and computer aided modeling and design for more than 10 years. During this period, working as scientific researcher, he specialized in finite element analysis software. It comes as no surprise that learning web programming with Rails was a piece of cake for him. When he is not busy 3D printing human bones, he is finishing his PhD thesis.



Branimir graduated in math and computer sciences a long time ago. Since then he has been working as a teacher at a high school, and as a C# developer(yikes!). Then at some point in his life he discovered Rails and it changed everything for him. He thinks that learning Ruby on Rails was the smartest decision he ever made. Now he recruits and trains new developers at RubySoft.

How does it work?

1. Initially you simply tell us about your idea: what you want to be built for you.

2. We carefully analyze it and come up with a proposal including specs and a set of essential requirements we will deliver for you within 3 weeks.

3. If you agree with our proposal, you send us pre-payment, and we immediately start working on your project.

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Here are some reasons why our clients enjoy working with us..


Avishai Weiss,

“Guys always give their unique perspective on the best way to solve a problem. Highly recommended!”


Ruud Seydel, BE

“I really like Dusan’s team speed and responsibility. They are always available and pick up things quickly. Besides being good programmers, they are nice people. People you can count on.”

carson cole

Carson Cole, NUKU

“Your team rocked! You did the work much faster than I expected and your knowledge of the technologies we needed was top notch.”

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